Official 1-acre Home Owners, YAY!

We all have dreams for the future, images that we keep to ourselves that we look for in times of hope. It’s the hope that these dreams come true that keep us going often times.

Hope, Dreams, Perseverance.

I keep a dream Journal, not one meant for the dreams we have when were peacefully asleep in our beds, but the ones we keep deep rooted in our hearts and at the back of our minds;Those hopes for the future and what we want from it.

I feel it’s important not to forget these things, in everyday living it’s so easy to be distracted by little things, some which help and some that hinder, but so rarely do we really stop to look at the big picture, the juicy apple to which were working towards.
This is important to do for me as it keeps me focused, it keeps sadness at bay, and it keeps hope alive.

Every step taken towards this goal, every big mark that is noticed is exciting for us, we relish it together and we celebrate it together.

Some people say there’s the Dreamers’ or the Doers’.
I like to think were a bit of both, able to dream big and love every step of making it happen.
Don’t get me wrong, even up till now theres happened to be some pretty tough times, times where you’ve just lost all hope and feel that there’s no accomplishing anything, which is why I for one am so happy to keep a dream journal.

The book that brings you back into focus, into hope and into dreaming.
We’d like to welcome you to come join us on our journey of self discovery, self sufficiency, self preservation, and self fulfilling happiness.

Adieu for now;
Friends, Family, and soon to be discovered like-minded People.



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