Apple Oat Muffins

The other day we needed some lunch snacks for Tim at work, my typical solution is to make muffins. Not entirely sure what it is that has me committed to them, perhaps it’s how I find them easy and simple to make, delicious, consistent and filling. The flavour choices are endless, I can use whatever I have on hand, as well as the fact they keep so well when frozen.

waiting for these lovely apples to ripen, our trees produced quite a lot again this year!

Waiting for these lovely apples to ripen, our trees produced quite a lot again this year!

There’s something magical to me about fruit trees, and I suppose all flowering foods. To create something so delicious and wonderful…all starting from a tiny flower! I guess it’s a bit like the magic of a new baby, this beautiful wonder filled being who started from a single cell! Talk about the wow factor…
So, today I will share my recipe for a muffin that I absolutely adore, Apple Oat.
A salut to our wonderful apple trees who put a lot of effort out to give us a fruitful season with a little love, year after year.

Gone Wild Apple Oat Muffin

231g Organic White Flour
8g Baking Powder
3g Fine Sea Salt
35g Rolled Oats
20g Ground Dried Apple (optional)
3g Ground Cinnamon
1g Ground Ginger
1g Ground Cloves
1 Lemon Zested

71g White Sugar
71g Brown Sugar
100g Vegetable Oil
2g Pure Vanilla Extract
90-100g (2) Large Eggs
175g Buttermilk
90g Shredded Fresh Apple, unpeeled

In a large bowl, whisk together thoroughly all the dry ingredients. For the ground dried apple, I dry my own in the dehydrator until crisp but still pliable. I’m sure you can do so in the oven as well on a very low temperature setting, I do dip the apples first in a cider vinegar solution: 20% vinegar to 80% water. Once they are dried I grind the desired weight in a small coffee grinder. I marked this optional, but the ground dried apple really does give a wonderful apple-flavour boost!

In another bowl, combine the wet ingredients together one at a time following the order listed above. Each time making sure that the first is incorporated well before adding the next. Eg. being: Combine the white sugar with the brown sugar, next add the oil, then add the vanilla, etc.

Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and fold gently all together until the dry is saturated, do not over-stir! If you so desire, you can use Pastry Flour which has a lower gluten % for more of a insured tender muffin.

Bake in a 350F. preheated oven. I get about 8 decent sized muffins from this recipe usually… which really don’t last long enough to freeze some days!

Store either well wrapped for a few days at room temperature or freeze immediately once cooled to store for 1 week.


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