The New Chicken Coop…I mean Mansion!

Tim has been hard at work for the last little while to get the new chickens their new home.
We got these little guys at 4 weeks +/ – and being now 16 weeks +/ – we finally have it done!

He took the plans for a backyard shed and converted it to make it a lovely coop home. This took a little while as this is the first structure he’s built from scratch himself, let alone convert from the original structure to work as a different building!

I must say, he’s done an absolutely amazing job, I couldn’t be more proud of his skills and hard work he puts into everything he does! It’s wonderful to see our plans manifest and see the progression from what we started with to the projects nearing completion.


Soon Nathan will be helping Dad around the Farm, but for now he’ll just match him in his own carhartt overalls!

We’ve put the little chickens (but not so little anymore) in their new home to get acquainted and settled. We finished the run for them this past weekend just in perfect time for letting them out of their new home. We’ll be doing the finishings on the coop, siding and pretty little touches, etc. throughout the summer slowly on a smaller budget so we’ll be going week by week on those things. By the end of august / ¬†september we plan to have it all completely done.

Here is the progression we have so far for the coop and run!

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…and here are our lovely Girls and Roo in their new home!


We’ve already gotten a couple eggs from them, the first one (top) had a soft rubbery shell, the second one was a teeny tiny lovely egg (bottom 2 photos).




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