Maran X chickens and their pretty eggs

Well, as you know, we purchased some baby chicks this year to replace our older hens as they are no longer laying consistently for us (although they have had a revamp since meeting the younger ones…coincidence I think not!)


These little chicks were all Black Copper Maran X’s as the rooster himself was a Black Copper Maran, though the hen mothers were unknown (there were quite a few in his flock of varying kinds). It was so neat to see them grow up, something we missed out on with our rescue birds though we love them just the same, even when it becomes time for the stew pot.

Well, the little chicks are certainly not so little anymore, and the pullet hens are even starting to lay their pretty eggs! Being cross birds, it was unsure what colour of eggs they would lay. We certainly were hoping for at least one or two of them to lay the dark almost burgundy eggs that the Maran’s can be known for. We were not disappointed!

Amber, our most BCM looking girl, is definitely living up to her heritage. Looks and all! She is laying some pretty beautiful dark shelled eggs, I get excited flutters every time I lay my eyes on one.

IMG_3153 IMG_3272 IMG_3143

Some of the girls, like Maggie May and Lynx have started laying some double yolks, making them seem like normal large to extra large egg sized. Regardless of how big their eggs are or how little, they are delicious!


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