Refinishing hardwood floors in the nursery.

Well, after having the garden well set up and the chicken coop built with the chickens in, we decided it was time to keep working on the nursery. Before we know it, Nathan is going to be needing his own room. For now, sharing one is ok.

Since we’ve insulated and re-drywalled the room we’ve also primed it ready for painting (still can’t decide on a colour…guilty!) Next we decided we would refinish the hardwood after all. We hummed and haw’d about it, but decided in the end it just makes sense to do it while the opportunity is there. When Nathan is older, it’ll just get harder to be able to do. Or so were assuming.

Here’s the progress from before and after, gotta say, we are VERY pleased with the results! Tim is one talented guy. My talented guy, making me a very lucky gal. (I already knew that though 😉 )


before & after




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