Update on our first incubated chicks!

Thought I would share how the chicks are turning out so far.
From the start I had thought we had 2 roosters and 10 pullets in the mix of 12 chicks that we had hatch. This was based on “feelings” guesses as well as characters and feet size, and really just for fun. The two I had thought to be roosters were the black and white Swedish Flower and the “Splash” Heritage Blue Copper Maran.

As it stands at them being 4 weeks now, I’m pretty confident in the guess that we have 1 rooster and 11 pullets. The rooster being the Blue Copper Maran I believe to have a nice bit of splash in its heritage (it is the only one that seems to have a definite yellowing in the chest).
We had him hatch last… almost a full 12 hours later.

I’ll be sharing some of the photos I was able to capture (those little buggers are fast and camera shy…except for our Olive Egger that I’ve named ‘Clover’). This will show the look that the chicks have as they have aged, and I’ll explain my reasonings for my guesses on their sexes. Truly it is still too early to be telling.
But as before, I am pretty confident in my assumptions thus far.

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