Farmhouse Rustic Sourdough with a Twist

Hello Everyone, well not surprising, I’m at it again making some delicious bread.

There is just something so satisfying to me, being able to feed our family with some lovely home fermented bread. The fresh bread baking smell is an added bonus, plus the knowledge of what is in it and that I made it with my own two hands!

Sourdough is a very forgiving bread for those of us with uncertain time-frames. I’ve accidentally left my Farmhouse Sourdough Bread for all morning without touching it, and though the results were not as good as if I were diligently caring for it, it still produced two lovely loaves that we all gobbled up.

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It’s mushroom foraging season!

Well, one of our favourite times of the year is here…

Mushroom Season!

We are lucky enough to live in an area filled with abundance of wild mushrooms, with quite a few of them being edibles!

Some of the wild mushrooms we found this year are:

  • White Chanterelles (Cantharellus subalbidus)
  • Yellow Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius)
  • Lobsters (really it’s a parasite but hey) (Hypomyces lactifluorum)
  • Admirable Bolete (Boletus mirabilis)
  • Pines (Armillaria Ponderosa)
  • Elf Saddles (Helvella lacunosa)

All in all, we feel pretty grateful for the abundance and diversity in our area, we truly are blessed!
This time of the year also includes hunting season, which gets Tim pretty excited (me too, yum yum) with all the wild possibilities of gathering our own foods.

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Well, Nathan has been keeping me busy this last little while. Leaving me, with no time to blog! Though at last, there is a break in between the busy times we’ve been having that is allowing me to share with you the happenings around the home front.

As it stands, the last time I was able to blog about anything was our  first incubated chicks which is all very exciting for us. I forgot to mention though how we have incubated and hatched some more, we did our own eggs from gimpy and the ladies. I had started with 12 eggs, and one was infertile so I removed it around day 10 (I leave all the eggs till day 10 no matter what).

Our eggs are pretty dark, so it was challenging to candle them, especially earlier in the development. Around day 14-18 (lockdown) I still was unable to see much (due to the chick filling most of the egg by then) so instead of looking for veining I ended up looking for movement. I left all 11 in for lockdown and had 10 beautiful little chicks hatch. We ended up selling these to a young girl who needed chicks for her broody hen. Happily the adoption went smoothly!

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