Well, Nathan has been keeping me busy this last little while. Leaving me, with no time to blog! Though at last, there is a break in between the busy times we’ve been having that is allowing me to share with you the happenings around the home front.

As it stands, the last time I was able to blog about anything was our  first incubated chicks which is all very exciting for us. I forgot to mention though how we have incubated and hatched some more, we did our own eggs from gimpy and the ladies. I had started with 12 eggs, and one was infertile so I removed it around day 10 (I leave all the eggs till day 10 no matter what).

Our eggs are pretty dark, so it was challenging to candle them, especially earlier in the development. Around day 14-18 (lockdown) I still was unable to see much (due to the chick filling most of the egg by then) so instead of looking for veining I ended up looking for movement. I left all 11 in for lockdown and had 10 beautiful little chicks hatch. We ended up selling these to a young girl who needed chicks for her broody hen. Happily the adoption went smoothly!

I think what we will be doing now, is for the spring hatch some more of our own eggs but only from lily and gracie. These two ladies are the largest of our 7 layers right now and breeding with gimpy were hoping to produce some nice big meat birds that we can raise. It’s looking promising, some of those chicks that hatched were big! I only managed to grab a photos of only three, but here they are!

Out of the 10 we got only 2 with yellow fuzz. One had really cool looking dark brown stripes down it’s back. The one in the centre, it’s hard to see, but had a lovely copper shine to it’s black feathers, especially it’s head fluff. So, evidentially with the copper gene being a prominent one, and gimpy having way to much copper; it’s no surprise these chicks are going to have a lot of it!

I’m a little hopeful the young lady will send me photos when they get their true feathers in…but who knows. Otherwise, we’ll see how the ones we hatch in the spring end up looking!

Besides the other little chicks, we’ve also been in the process of building our grow-out coop. I’m pretty excited about it, I think it’s going to be a fantastic set-up!! Though, between hunting, the nursery and our everyday things we gotta do, there is certainly little time left for extras! But, we make it work one way or another.
I will be sharing photos and the finished product later on in another post 🙂

Nathan has started his adventure in eating solids now, he sure is loving the purees we make. Particularly he enjoys our sweet potato (or carrot, or squash) with red lentils. Yum!
Tonight, I’ll be seeing his opinion on peas. Wish me good luck! 😉



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