Coop #2

This is a post that I had been preparing since the fall…Due to my absence in my writing I had not quite had a chance to finish it. I am wanting to share this with you now, but am letting you know this just so the timing is not to be confused. This is written in the context of the present, but was actually several or more months ago now. I have updated some points in it that since have been changed, so I apologize if it appears a little jumbled.

It seems these days, that just as soon as Tim’s able to get a project under control, I’m just as quickly adding one! Or even maybe two… 😉

With the little chicks that we had done in our Our first Adventure in Incubating, they certainly are quick to grow out of the brooder! So, this in turn resulted in us (mostly me…totally guilty), wanting to make a smaller separate coop that is still somewhat attached to our original run. We decided to follow a basic coop plan, and found that this one was the winner: The Tangled Nest; Our Urban Chicken Coop Plan.

It was a good sizing, though we did increase it to fit to the width of our run, simple build and already designed as a coop (our last one was a shed we converted in the plans…see it here: The New Chicken Coop).
We liked the fact that there was shelter directly underneath for our rainy days and season, as well as some more extra space in the open. This system allows us to do a “See but no Touch” method of integrating the two flocks together. This worked great, we had them in this method for about 2 weeks, then after that allowed the younger ones and older gals and Mr. Gimpy to mingle a bit. Since then, months later we have now got them all together as a flock. Still a little shaky here and there but overall this went so smooth! We have since, butchered all the Roosters that were in that hatch as our Mr. Gimpy was having none of them, and honestly, his personality is outstanding.

It can really be a gamble with roosters…some can be nasty and sometimes you just get the perfect one. It really all depends on the roo, we really lucked out with Gimpy, he has such a great temperment, great with the ladies, good protector, fertilizes eggs well, and is fine with us, Nathan, the dog and the cat. Don’t get a much better rooster than that!!

Anyways, I thought I’d share our process of coop #2 building and let you all see the set up 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll be making a few adjustments on this, since having our first young set in we realized that the placement of the ramp and trap door will need to be adjusted. It wasn’t quite enough room for even the young ones to get up and down (at least of the Maran breeds and crosses, cause well, their quite big birds as is) other than Jazzy and Pepper.
We’ll need to increase the run around that coop in order to do this so it will be a little bit till were finishing this one up. But, overall it worked great for the purpose of what we needed it.

Out of the 12 chicks that hatched, we have kept 6 pullets for adding to our flock. Of these are: Pepper the Swedish Flower, Jazzy the Wheaton Ameraucana (the muffs and beard are missing though), Belle the Blue Copper Maran, Juniper our Olive Egger, and Pheobe & Rachel our two Black Copper Marans.

We’ll see if we end up keeping Pheobe and Rachel though, as they both hatched from lighter eggs then I would desire from our Black Copper Marans, because they were from Blue Copper Eggs. If not, we’ll be rehoming them to someone who doesn’t really care about that but just wants some tasty eggs.



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