My Apologies for the long absence

It has been ages since I have last made a post…or at least this is how it feels to me.

We have been so busy! Between renovations, caring for a new baby, gardening and chicken keeping, it feels like there is not much time left in between. To be honest, when there is, I have been shamelessly eating some ice cream or some other tasty treat and watching a movie with my feet kicked up. It’s just, that’s the one time of the day, or week even I suppose, where I don’t have to think…or do anything.

So I guess, thinking about writing a blog post is a little intimidating in those hours. I have tonight decided to indulge in a gingerale instead, so now I’m all hyped up on a bit of sugar and the babe is put to bed, I find my mind wandering to the thought of writing.

This is good, I love writing as a creative outlet. It soothes me and helps me organize the thoughts whizzing around in my head, which on a normal day to day business I keep my sanity by writing about a zillion notes. Which then I have to rewrite cause their all just a mess…

Recently we had a big dump of snow, thankfully it’s all melted away now, but it sure stuck around long enough to put a huge dent in my plans.

So, instead, now we are finally getting our little greenhouse set up. Thank goodness, because I have some seedlings that I was wanting to get out there, just lettuces and a few other things that are not really a huge rush, but definitely would be a nice benefit to have out in the greenhouse instead. Saves on electricity and space…I’ll take it! It’s been warm enough though that for some of the seedlings, I’ve just been keeping them outside while keeping a close eye on the weather forecast. First sign of a frost and I’ll be bringing those babies inside again or at least overnight.

Next up, we’ll be prepping the area for our hoop house and setting that all up, then we’ll be tilling the new garden area. I say new, because we’ve finally managed to get a hold of the plans for our septic field placement. This so conveniently is located very near beside where we had originally tilled out our garden…and fenced. Word of advice is that you want your garden at least 100-150 feet away. Uhh, boogers.

This is okay though, were kind of actually excited about that. Why, you may ask? Goats…that’s why! We realized it’s the perfect area for a couple goats instead, and a few ducks 😉 So we’ll be gearing into setting that all up as well. It’s already well fenced, and it just so happens one of our gate areas hasn’t been finished (thanks winter), so we’ll be making a goat pen at that opening instead! Genius, or at least, we like to think so.

The plans for this spring and summer just keep coming! Were heavy achievers, what can I say? Honestly, I think what it is really is the fact that I have little patience and can be a total brat (I get excited, and then don’t want to wait)…and therefore just charge into whatever it is that we (or should I say, “I”) want to do. I’m an Aries, what can I say?

I’ve looked into ducks, and Tim’s looked into goats, so between the two of us we’ve decided on the breeds we want and think are best.
I’ve decided on the Cayuga duck as I love their colouring, the fact their a larger breed, typically flightless, and they lay  a variety of black, grey, greenish, and cream coloured eggs…um, yes please! They can also lay around 200 a year, that’s pretty good.
For goats, Tim thought the Nigerian Dwarfs were perfect, and I couldn’t agree more. Small, still supplying about a quart of milk every two days or so, they are manageable and friendly. For first goat owners we think they would be a good match for us. I’m already dreaming about all the butter, cheese and other tasty goods we can have!

Due to these events, I’ve been diligently looking into all the books that I’ll be wanting to add to our library. Chicken books, Duck books, Goat books, Gardening books…
One can never have too many books, honestly.

Well, that’s it for now everyone. Glad to be back in the saddle, so to speak, and until next time! (I promise I won’t disappear again…I hope 😉 )



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