Winter Wonderland

Well, winter was absolutely beautiful! Just the perfect amount of snow, rain and cloudy days to balance each other out. Spring feels like it came early this year too which is nice, though I’ll share a few captured moments from the last long months I have been very quiet.


Snow Covered Backyard

It was certainly an eventful winter, with renovations, new chickens, work, unpacking and the pregnancy, we were very busy getting things done!


Our Christmas-time Pregnancy Announcement

Were so excited for our new addition to arrive, very soon we’ll have a little squirmy guy to introduce to family and friends!

The walks over winter were rare together as our full-time jobs don’t line up for days off together, but thankfully with holidays we were able to have those precious moments.


winter wonderland walks

Olive, our beautiful pup-dog got spoiled by Santa at Christmas too, among the many toys she got she also got delicious local handmade treats from Bone Love Dog Treats!


Bone Love Dog Treats, some of her favourite!